How do you bridge assets in DeFi?

Tutorials Oct 28, 2021


There is a decent quantity of blockchain bridges these days. All of them allow users to do asset bridging and some allow users to do a variety of DeFi techniques too. Depending on the needs, users may choose one bridge over the other. Often, though not always, the demand for bridging comes from the user’s need to perform certain operations, e.g. trading on a DEX.

Many applications, centralized or decentralized, offer the convenience of providing a shortcut or link to certain asset bridges to make their user’s trading experience more integral. Users just click the link and will be guided to the asset bridge’s official site, where bridging can be done by following the instructions. Alternatively, users can choose their own bridges and do the same bridging as needed.


In this tutorial, let’s use SynFuture’s dApp as an example to guide through how to bridge the assets in Ethereum mainnet onto Arbitrum, the layer 2 solution.

First things first, make sure your Metamask is connected to SynFuture’s dApp. Once connected, your wallet address and the connected network are shown on the top right corner.

Then, switch the network from Ethereum to Arbitrum, and allow Metamask to switch the network. Once connected to Arbitrum, a bridge asset button to the left of the network would appear.


Next, click bridge asset and you will be directed to Arbitrum One Bridge site. Connect Metamask to the bridge site, and your layer 1 (Mainnet) & 2 (Arbitrum) assets would appear on the site.


From there, the asset bridging process is quite straightforward. You can follow the tutorial on Arbitrum site to complete the bridge.

Once bridged, your asset value is reflected on the Arbitrum network and you are ready to perform operations as needed.

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